The days of working offline are over. Typically bringing three to four devices onto the network, today’s university students and faculties are highly dependent on cloud resources and expect to be connected everywhere, all the time.

Away from learning, students are gaming, streaming and socialising online, so the modern university campus must ensure the Wi-Fi network is prepared for the dramatic increase in usage and the number of personal, mobile and wireless devices.

Yet only 8% of campuses say they’re ready to handle the network strain! So how can Universities meet these ever-growing connectivity demands? We’ve identified 4 key steps how to create a smarter campus:

Step 1: Develop your mobile strategy

Undertaking an audit of the underlying infrastructure on top of which the mobile strategy will function is the first step towards defining your mobile strategy. Areas to review include how the current wired network is performing, how any wireless connectivity is working, and how stakeholders expect to use the wireless network and access resources so you can determine the coverage and capacity required.

Step 2: Make it easy, reliable and everywhere

The key to wireless connectivity is having a suite of solutions and products that integrate to provide a single platform for the user. It must be a robust, high-performance, scalable, secure wireless network, which connects the entire campus and meets the huge academic and residential bandwidth demands.

Step 3: Make it fast, secure, personal and cost-efficient

The solution must feature component parts including latest generation wireless technologies, a joined-up security strategy across network and client platforms, a unified policy management solution and contextual attributes for controlling network traffic priority.

Step 4: Streamline onboarding

It must be able to get people on and off the access points faster, so there’s no slowing down while moving about the campus and reduce IT burden.

The ability to offer a secure network combined with the necessary infrastructure to meet the ever-growing connectivity demands is a massive challenge for many universities. Laying the right foundations is essential. There is no ‘one size fits all’ but once a university has its strategy and essential roadmap in place, the ability to meet the campus mobility challenge will become much clearer.